Worm Ouroboros “Come the Thaw” DLP PRE-SALE

Worm Ouroboros
“Come the Thaw” Gatefold DLP

Worm Ouroboros have always existed as a sum of many parts – many influences, many affiliations, many moods. Drawing threads of inspiration from a wide range of styles and genres, this trio of doomed souls weave together a gorgeous tapestry of sound, splashed with shades of neofolk, dark ambient, chamber music, post-rock,  folk, atmospheric doom, and progressive rock. Graced with the myriad talents of  Lorraine Rath (Amber Asylum, The Gault) on bass and vocals, Jessica Way (Barren Harvest, World Eater) on guitar and vocals, and Aesop Dekker (Ludicra/Agalloch) on drums, the San Francisco, CA-based project has received heaps of praise from countless press outlets for their masterful debut as well as their sporadic but weighty live performances. Come The Thaw is their second release and the first to grace vinyl, a gauzy, ethereal piece of delicate darkness and gentle gloom; it is that rare album that dwells upon the outer edges of heavy metal, yet possesses enough raw power and beauty to coax both the metal faithful and those who prefer lighter fare under its spell.

Colored vinyl is limited to 125 transparent grey records and available only from the Flenser. All distributed copies will be black. Comes in a gatefold jacket with artwork by Lorraine Rath
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Worm Ouroboros will have copies of this on their short November west coast tour.

Fri 11/09 – Salem @ TBA
Sat 11/10 – Seattle, @ The Highline- w/Loss, Mitochondrion, & Bell Witch 
Sun 11/11 – Portland, @ Rotture w/Loss, Ephemeros, & Disemballerina
Tue 11/13 – Arcata, @ Jambalaya, w/Loss & Ash Borer
Wed 11/14 – San Francisco, @ The Elbo Room, w/Loss, Dispirit, & Riqis
Thu 11/15 – Oakland, @ Metro Side Stage, w/Loss, Laudanum,& Lycus

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