“The Forgotten” Review on Left Hand Path

Palace of Worms get’s a freaking fantastic review on the blog The Left Hand Path. An Excerpt:

Beyond these layers that build and then turn and then come back again, the song writing is excellent and the reason why you wanna stay at the party a little longer. While The Forgotten definitely goes for the proverbial throat for the majority of the album, it’s greeted throughout with sketches of cloudy melancholic melodies, shimmery clean passages and some mellow ambiance. The overall feel of The Forgotten is definitely that of black metal, but there’s a few outside influences that have creeped into the fold. Throughout I hear slight traces of heavy rock riffing and even hardcore (gasp!). The intro riff for the track, ‘Rite of Blood’, sounds like a breakdown that 90’s NYHC band, Burn, would have written had they had a more metallic touch in them. The album is not all about power-chords: Single-note hammer-ons and pull-offs are plentiful. For lack of a better description, think some finer moments of Craft.

Check it out HERE.

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