Shipping now: Panopticon, Soon: Fo(u)r Burials-Otesanek, Loss, Orthodox, Mournful Congregation!

Fo(u)r Burials – Otesanek, Loss, Orthodox & Mournful Congregation – CD PRESALE

This is a reissue of the classic doom split that has been remastered and features new artwork by Chimere Noire.

Fo(ur) Burials is a lost classic of extreme doom, and has now finally, reverently been brought back into circulation by The Flenser. Featuring monolithic emissions from Mournful Congregation, Loss, Orthodox, and Otesanek, this four-track album reeks of desolation, the gnashing of teeth and virulent decay. “Heavy” does not begin to do these songs justice; the riffs stumble and crawl through an acid bath of feedback and distortion, dragging themselves along on broken knees. Funereal horde Mournful Congregation hail from Australia, and recently released a much-hailed compilation album via 20 Buck Spin, as well as news of a brand-new full-length and virgin US tour. With “Despond” (Profound Lore), Nashville’s Loss released one of the most painfully beautiful and critically-acclaimed albums of 2010, entombing listeners with a richly melodic, flowing shroud of depression. Orthodox’s ultra-minimal, droning, ambient take on the traditional rites of doom bleeds forth from Spain and belies the myth that sun breeds contentment. Otesanek, now-defunct and much-missed, crawled out of the filth and desperation of Philadelphia; their sludgy, crusty, unbearably brutal sound remains unmatched today. The quartet of compositions on Fo(ur) Burials are all very different, yet drawn together by a shared atmosphere of longing, sadness, and disgust for that which we call life. The cult of death is calling.
Dig in.

This is a pre-sale. CDs should start shipping the first week of December which will be sooner before than these can be found in stores.

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Panopticon “Social Disservices” DLP/CD – ON SALE NOW

CD version is comes in a high gloss digipack with an insert.

DLP comes with a small poster and an insert and is limited to only 250 units and is about half way sold out as out of now. This will not last and almost all copies will be sold through mail order.
Mastered by Colin Marston of Krallice

Panopticon is the brainchild of one Austin Lundr, and has garnered considerable attention and critical acclaim for the project’s raw, atmospheric blend of black metal, crust, post-rock, and Appalachian folk. Aquarius Records have lauded them as “crusty weirdo mathy abstruse black metal, a buzzing blasting pounding onslaught of Pagan fury, rife with samples and all manner of strange sonic filigree,” and their description isn’t far off. Whereas Panopticon’s earlier full-length effort On the Subject of Mortality was an internal mediation on death, and Panopticon’s 2nd album Collapse anticipated the decline of government infrastructure, Social Disservices lashes out against a broken social services infrastructure that imprisons a silent minority. Social Disservices continues the blackened crust of Panopticon’s previous effort but with a bit more darkness this time. Think black noise with a dose of forlorn gaze. This is Panopticon’s darkest record and their most aggressive. 

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Wreck and Reference: “Black Cassette” is currently delayed but should be shipping around the first week of December. We had to reject the intital test pressing and this has caused delays with production. Thank you for your patience. The re-cut master sounds very good. Wreck and Reference are currently working on material for a full-length planned for release in 2012. You can preorder “Black Cassette” HERE

Lycus: The Flenser will be releasing bay area doom newcomers 2011 demo on vinyl in early 2012. The recording is currently being remastered and should go to press soon. Features re-imagined cover by Bryan Proteau. You can download the original version of the recording for free over at Aesop Dekkers blog: Cosmic Hearse

Also check out Graceless Recordingswho released the now sold-out tape version of this doom masterpiece.

Lake of Blood: We will be releasing a vinyl version of their full length “As Time And Tide Erodes Stone” album. This will feature new album art by the band.


The Flenser has a bandcamp. You can download and/or stream many of our releases there. Please download Palace of Worm’s black metal inversion “Lifting the Veil.” It’s free.

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