Panopticon’s “Collapse” 2xlp Now in Stock (Featuring Amebix’s Baron)

Now in stock. Panopticon’s “Collapse.”

A. Lundr’s post-American consciousness chafing black metal meditation now available on deluxe wax.

All copies feature beer splatter vinyl. limited to 500copies. 2xlp in a Gatefold Jacket.

Exclusive to the Flenser vinyl edition is a black black black reinterpretation of the AMEBIX classic “Beginning of the End” featuring “The Baron” himself of the AMEBIX performing vocal duties. This track affirms the ever more apparent link between crust and the current wave of certain non-idiotic black metal bands.

PANOPTICON’s self-titled debut featured a cover of the AMEBIX track “I.C.B.M.” Rob Miller got wind of the cover and initiated a friendship with PANOPTICON’s A. Lundr. Miller’s part was recorded at his home studio in Isle of Skye, Scotland.

Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, PANOPTICON is comprised of one person—“A. Lundr.” PANOPTICON is a black metal band, but influenced by shoegaze style post-rock, ambient, crust metal as well as traditional American folk music. Pagan Flames released the CD version of PANOPTICON’s second record “Collapse” in 2009.

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