Panopticon Collapse 2xLP PREORDER Featuring Rob “The Baron” Miller

Here it is Panopticon’s Masterpiece Collapse on double splattered vinyl in a nice gatefold.

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This includes the track with Rob “the Baron” Miller of AMEBIX. A blackened version of the AMEBIX classic “Beginning of the End .” This track in 6 minutes and 40 seconds cements the increasingly apparent relationship between black metal and crust.


The 1983 original AMEBIX version “Beginning of the End” appeared on the Winter 7inch.

Panopticon’s “Collapse” is a great work. Panopticon demonstrates something unique to the time and place within which Panopticon exits. Collapse is an expression of contemporary anxiety in coming to grips with living in a treacherous America. Panopticon deals with real evil not Tolkien.

As great lord of record stores, Aquarius records says: [Panopticon is] “an exciting new variant of the ever evolving sound of black metal, one we definitely never expected, but are digging big time. ”

Limited to 500 copies on Beer splatter vinyl!

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