Botanist IV: Mandragora LP Now Shipping

We are now shipping copies of the vinyl edition of Bontanist IV: Mandragora.

Features new artwork by M.S. Waldron in a heavy tip-on jacket with an insert. Mastered for vinyl by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Grayceon, Wreck and Reference) and lacquer cut by Paul Gold.

Pressed on both black and red vinyl. Red vinyl edition is limited to 300 copies and we still have a limited number of copies of colored vinyl left.

Botanist is hammered dulcimer infused post-black metal with it’s own mythology. Nothing and noone sounds like Botanist.

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Loss Of Self “12 minutes” EP Announcement

Melbourne, Australia’s formidable black metal entity LOSS OF SELF has teamed up with avant-garde metal label, THE FLENSER to release an EP entitled 12 MINUTES, the post-black metal outfit’s follow-up to highly acclaimed 2012 debut demo. Available worldwide on September 2, 2013 in vinyl, CD, and digital format, 12 Minutes features six brand new songs as well as remastered versions of the original three demo tracks clocking in at just under 30 minutes. 12 MINUTES was mastered by James Plotkin (SUNN O))), NADJA, ISIS). The dark, sweeping soundscapes realized by members Jacob, Rohan, Thomas, and Michael exhibit a coherence of post-rock and twisted black metal that surpasses all musical boundaries and restrictions.

The artwork for 12 minutes was concived and illustrated by the bands own Jacob. The artwork for the CD version can be seen above. The vinyl edition will be different but a variation on the same theme.

Loss Of Self began in mid 2012 in Melbourne, Australia as a self-contained two person group. Upon the completion of the 2012 Demo, the band grew into what is now the full line up featured on the 12 MINUTES EP. Loss Of Self is currently working on a full-length release and has future plans for live performances.


1. Paradise Overgrown
2. Isolt
3. Twelve Minutes
4. There Must be Great Wisdom with Great Death
5. ( )
6. The Free Intelligence
7. The Inheritance (Demo Track Remastered)
8. The Mind; It’s Form and Function (Demo Track Remastered)
9. Seidlitz (Demo Track Remastered)

Pre-orders and audio will be posted soon.

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Now Shipping: Wreck & Reference Content

Now shipping Wreck & Reference Content 7inch.

We still have a few copies of blue vinyl. All pre-orders have shipped.

Order vinyl
Watch video

Very Limited quantities of the following are available.

Bell Witch – Longing DLP (red version)
Skagos – Anarchic CD (will be repressed eventually)
Trees – Sickness In LP
Coffinworm – Great Bringer of Night LP

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Vestiges/Panopticon “split” LP & Panopticon “kentucky” DLP reissue Pre-orders

Vestiges / Panopticon “Split” LP

Vestiges contributes some of their strongest material in a little over 18 minutes.

Three unreleased tracks by Panopticon including a Suicide Nation cover. These tracks sound very akin to material off of “…On The Subject of Mortality,” but with a higher production value. You can check out Panopticon’s Suicide Nation cover at Hammer Smashed Sound now.

The entire split was mastered by Colin Marston (Krallice). Panopticon’s side was also mixed by Colin Marston.

We have black vinyl and limited color and color vinyl with light blue on the outside and black on the inside. This color configuration is only available direct from The Flenser and is limited to 300 copies. It will look similar but not the same as the colored version of Wreck and Reference’s last album which you can see here.

Co-released with Vestiges in-house label Replenish Records.

Tests have been approved and we will update this space with release dates shortly. These should probably be ready in about four weeks.


Panopticon “Kentucky” DLP reissue

Finally, Panopticon’s most coveted release release, “Kentucky,” is almost available on vinyl again! The Flenser is proud to reissue this North American black metal entity’s seminal achievement on double vinyl, including new artwork by the band.

The original vinyl edition of “Kentucky” was limited and quickly sold out and has become a sought after collector’s item.

This will be released on black vinyl and limited green color in color vinyl. Colored vinyl is limited to 300 copies and only available direct from The Flenser.

Tests have NOT been approved but we will update this space with release dates soon.

Released in association with Lundr Records.


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Bell Witch “Longing” DLP now shipping // Revolver distribution

Now shipping:

Bell Witch “Longing” DLP is FINALLY shipping now from The Flenser.

Bell Witch is a minimalist doom duo from Seattle comprised of drummer Adrian Guerra and bassist Dylan Desmond (of Samothrace fame). Uniquely sorrowful, Bell Witch is as much akin to Skepticism as they are to Codeine. Longing is 1 hour and 10 minutes of doomed desolation, sadness and sorrow. Originally released on CD and digital formats by Profound Lore Records, Longing was one of the most important doom albums of 2012 featured on numerous year end lists. 

This album faced a number of production delays and was recut twice before we got it right. This is a double LP housed in case-wrapped gatefold jacket with an insert. As of right now about two thirds of Pre-Orders have shipped. Thank you to everyone for waiting. 

You can order the album direct from The Flenser now. We even have a few copies of the limited edition on red vinyl left.

Wholesale copies of the album can be ordered exclusively from Revolver USA.


We are proud to announce that The Flenser is now exclusively distributed by Revolver USA. You can order our releases wholesale now from Revolver. They are the only distributer that will be selling wholesale copies of Bell Witch’s “Longing” DLP and the only US distributer that will be selling wholesale copies of the Skagos “Anarchic” CD.

Revolver is an independent music distributor located in San Francisco that distributes many of our favorite labels including 20 Buck Spin, Profound Lore and Neurot. 

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Bell Witch DLP update and european tour dates

The Bell Witch full-length; “Longing” is almost ready!

We have resolved all pressing issues and the band will have copies in time for their European tour with Samothrace.

The Flenser has not received the label copies of the album yet but expect them shortly.

Bell Witch will be playing the following dates European dates:

5/03/13 HEAVY DAYS OF DOOM TOWN II Copenhagen, Denmark
at Ungdomshuset Dødsmaskinen w/ Alunah (uk), Saturnalia Temple (swe), Belzebong (pl), Toner Low (nl), Siena Root (swe), Procession (swe), Conan (uk).5/04/13 Day off Heavy Days In Doomtown Festival, Ungdomshuset
5/05/13 Wuustwezel, Belgium at Puntpop Festival
5/06/13 London, UK at The Black Heart
5/07/13 Manchester, UK at Star & Garter
5/08/13 Birmingham, UK at Scruffy Murphy´s
5/09/13 Amsterdam, The Netherlands at Winston Kingdom
5/10/13 Paris, France at TBA
5/11/13 Lausanne, Switzerland at Espace Autgére
5/12/13 Geneva, Switzerland at L´Usine
5/13/13 Milano, Italy at Blue Rose Saloon
5/14/13 Ljubljana, Slovenia at Channel 0
5/15/13 Prague, Czech Republic at 007 Club
5/16/13 Leipzig, Germany at Zoro w. Graves at Sea (us) / Meth Drinker (nz)
5/17/13 Berlin, Germany at Koma F/Köpi
5/18/13 Stralsund, Germany at Vereinsheim Frankenweide
5/29/13 at the Dwell House Tacoma, WA w/ Usnea
5/30/13 at the Highline Seattle, WA w/ Usnea
5/31/13 at the Ash Street Saloon Portland, OR w/ Usnea

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Skagos “Anarchic” CD now shipping.

The Flenser is releasing Skagos “Anarchic” in its entirety on CD. The CD comes housed in a stoughton heavy tip-on gatefold lp style jacket with an 8 page booklet. Various versions of Skagos masterpiece album Anarchic have been floating around for a while now and now finally the entire album is complete and to presented in the package that it deserves.

A rough version of this album was released online last year via Skagos’ bandcamp page and has since been expanded upon with over 17 minutes of new music for this exclusive Flenser release. You can order the CD version of Skagos “Anarchic” CD direct from The Flenser.

Most but not all pre-orders have shipped. Thank you for waiting.



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Wreck & Reference “Absurdities & Echoes” video

Video for the track “Absurdities and Echoes” from Wreck and Reference’s upcoming EP Content out soon on The Flenser. You can Content this along with a new shirt in The Flenser store.

We also have the vinyl version of Botanist “IV: Mandragora” up for advanced order.

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NPR post Wreck and Reference Video

NPR has premiered Wreck and References first video. A track off called Absurdities and Echos off of the bands upcoming 7inch which is titled Content.

View it here.

You can pre-order Content as well as the vinyl edition of the latest Botanist album and new t-shirts for both bands. Please scroll down or go directly to the store.

Thank you.

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Botanist // Wreck and Reference Pre-Sale

We are now accepting pre-orders for the vinyl edition of Botanist IV: Mandragora and limited shirt as well as the new Wreck and Reference 7inch and shirt.

You can pre-order now from the FLENSER STORE

Bontanist IV: Mandragora LP. With new artwork by M.S. Waldron. 12inch vinyl housed in a heavy tip-on jacket with an insert. Mastered for vinyl by Jack Shirley and lacquer cut by Paul Gold. This will be pressed on both black and red vinyl. Red vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

The vinyl edition is clearly a different master from the CD version. The vinyl sounds more dynamic and less compressed whereas the CD sounds more harsh and agressive.

We are printing a small number of shirts featuring the artwork from the Botanist album. Printed on American Apparel stock these will be a one time pressing and we will only make about as many as we have to to fill pre-orders. If you want one please order now.

Wreck and Reference’s new 7inch. Track postings tomorrow. Recorded by the band and mastered by Jack Shirley. On Black and Electric Blue vinyl. Blue vinyl is limited to 250 copies.

We are printing a small number of Wreck and Reference “Angry Man” Shirts. Printed on American Apparel stock these will be a one time pressing and we will only make about as many as we have to to fill pre-orders. If you want one please order now.

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