“Burial Society” by Have a Nice Life


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Flenso 30% off sale!

The end of year Flenso SALE is on! Use code APOCALYPSE2013 at checkout for 30% off almost all items.

Good for the rest of 2013. That’s until December 31 at 11:59pm (PST).

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White Suns Announcement

80ww_whitesunssmallThe Flenser is pleased to announce The Flensers collaboration with Brooklyn based noise institution White Suns.

White Suns has existed since 2006 and is comprised of members Kevin Barry, Dana Matthiessen and Rick Visser. The band sculpts sound using detuned guitars, amplified drums, and makeshift electronics. Their aural explorations begin at the intersection of punk and electronics-based noise, oscillating between crushingly dense assaults and articulate hushed passages.

While in NYC, White Suns have released two full-length albums – Waking In The Reservoir (UgExplode, 2011) and Sinews (Load, 2012) – along with a handful of small-run releases. Their material has received accolades from the New Yorker, SPIN, Pitchfork, and Tiny Mix Tapes among others. White Suns has extensively toured the U.S. and garnered a reputation as a threatening and intense live act.

In March of 2014, White Suns will release their third album, Totem, on SF-based dark music label The Flenser on vinyl, CD and digital formats. On this album, their signature onslaught is tempered by deadened stares and slow-burn instrumentals. Renowned recording engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Foetus) provided documentation of the performance in his labyrinthine BC Studio compound. Totem is rock music realizing its obsolescence; the work of a band compelled to mutate.

Song and video premieres from White Suns’ Totem coming soon in 2014.

White Suns – Totem Track Listing:
1 Priest In The Laboratory
2 Prostrate
3 Disjecta Membra
4 Cathexis
5 Fossil Record
6 Clairvoyant
7. World Lock
8. Line of Smoke
9. Carrion

“An expressionist masterwork.” – SPIN

“…an exact midpoint where noise’s anarchy can squeeze inside the lines of muscular punk.” – Pitchfork

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NPR posts new Have a nice life track


NPR has posted the new Have a Nice Life track, “Defenestration Song.”


Order information.

Have a Nice Life’s “The Unnatural World” will be released on February 4th 2014 on digital and vinyl formats. This will be the band’s first new full-length in six years.

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Pre-sale: HAVE A NICE LIFE – The Unnatural World


Now up for pre-sale. “The Unnatural World,” a new album by HAVE A NICE LIFE. This eight-song, 47 minute LP is HAVE A NICE LIFE’s most monumental work yet, a colossally-sounding, perfectly-orchestrated industrial shoegaze. The details:

The album is a single LP in a gatefold jacket. 300 copies will come on haze-colored vinyl. All other copies of the album will be on black vinyl. No CD version is planned at this time.

This is a pre-sale that will be only available through The Flenser’s store.

This is a co-release with Enemies List Home Recordings. All aspects of the release have been overseen and approved by the band. It is The Flenser’s goal to get the album into the hands of as many of the band’s fans as quickly as possible.

The release date is February 4th, 2014. We will do our best to make sure all orders are shipped on or before that date. We will do our best to get the records to you as quickly as possible. Test pressings have already been approved which means that the album should be ready on time.

All orders are packed with the record behind the sleeve and double boxed.

We will be releasing tracks soon, so please be patient.

Click here to pre-order.

It is also worth noting that we will reissue HAVE A NICE LIFE’s Deathconsciousness later in the year. More details to come.

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Now shipping: Botanist/Palace of Worms split


Two of San Francisco’s most interesting underground bands, Botanist and Palace of Worms, are teaming up to release a split album via fellow San Franciscan experimental metal label, The Flenser. Featuring three tracks from each band that were mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, this six-song split album is now available on digital and vinyl formats.

Available on black vinyl and limited color in color vinyl. Colored vinyl is limited to 200 copies.

As of right now nearly all pre-orders have shipped. Thank you for your patience.



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Have a Nice Life “The Unnatural World” Announcement


New England’s Have A Nice Life has been a truly enigmatic band since their inception. It’s two primary members, Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga, met while studying at UMass Amherst and began performing “oddly aggressive acoustic songs” at local coffee houses and open mics together. After graduating, Dan and Tim kept writing and minimally released a few demo recordings that continued to sail under the radar. Over the course of the next five years, these recordings were expanded upon and became Have A Nice Life’s debut LP, Deathconsciousness (2008), which was initially pressed on 100 CD-R’s and expected to sell pretty casually. Over time, the album (which was accompanied by a dense, 100-page booklet) generated quite a bit of interest through online exposure and glowing fan reviews and eventually sold out its first pressing. Have A Nice Life kept printing copies, eventually on formal CD and vinyl formats on their own label, Enemies List, to keep up with the seemingly endless demand from an almost cult-like following.

Two years later, Have A Nice Life released an EP, Time Of Land, once again via Enemies List at their three only live shows in 2010. The curious were able to find a scavenger hunt link in the liner notes that led one intrepid soul to uncovering an additional “hidden track” buried deep in the woods of western Massachusetts a few months later. A digital copy of the record was (and still is) made available free online.

Since 2010, Have A Nice Life has remained relatively dormant – if you count being dormant as continuously re-pressing Deathconsciousness regularly and penning their new full-length album, The Unnatural World. This eight-song, 35 minute LP is Have A Nice Life’s most monumental work yet; a colossally-sounding, perfectly-orchestrated example of industrial shoegaze. For the firs time, the band has teamed up with San Francisco-based dark music label The Flenser to co-release the full-length alongside their own Enemies List. HANL commented, “We’re excited to be co-releasing the record with another label that shares our values and approach. Working with Flenser lets us keep things comfortable on our end, while also pressing enough copies to actually meet the need and not creating an artificially-inflated collector’s market, as happened with some of our past releases. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Have A Nice Life’s The Unnatural World is scheduled for a February 4th, 2014 co-release via The Flenser & Enemies List.

The Flenser will also be re-pressing the Deathconsciousness DLP later in 2014.

More information coming very soon including information regarding pre-orders that will only available from The Flenser.

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Now Shipping: Loss Of Self “Twelve Minutes” LP

Loss Of Self – Twelve Minutes LP

The vinyl edition of Loss Of Self’s brilliant post-punk damaged black metal debut is now shipping. The vinyl edition features different artwork from the CD edition and also comes with a fold out double sided poster.

Black vinyl is black! Black vinyl only! Limited to 500 copies.

All Pre-orders have shipped!

Order now in the store.

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New Botanist Track Posted

We’ve posted a new Botanist track off of their upcoming split with Palace of Worms.

Botanist is in the midst of short west coast tour with Behold… the Arctopus.

10.8 LOS ANGELES at The Joint
10.10 SACRAMENTO at Press Club
10.11 OAKLAND at Metro
10.12 PORTLANS at Star Theater – Fall into Darkness fest
10.13 SEATTLE at Highline
10.14 VANCOUVER BC at Biltmore Cabaret

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Now Shipping Eight Bells “The Captain’s Daughter” LP

tumblr_mt3edlE6j91rth9sjo1_500 (1)

The Flenser is now shipping the vinyl edition of Eight Bells’ “The Captain’s Daughter.”

The Captain’s Daughter is a genre defying masterwork of heavy music that draws from psychedelic, black metal and ambient metal with four organic soundscapes that oscillate seamlessly between the tranquil and the terrifying.

Eight Bells is a power trio formed from the ashes of the San Francisco Bay Area dark-psychedelic institution SubArachnoid Space. Eight Bells continues in SubArachnoid Space’s tradition of heavy guitar exploration, adding a blackened dissonance to the mix with minimalist vocals.

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