New Black Wing Track!


Tiny Mix Tapes has posted the new Black Wing track “If I Let Him In” from the bands upcoming debut full-length “…Is Doomed.”

Pre-orders for “…Is Doomed” go live on The Flenser store Tuesday July 14th at 1pm PDT along with the new Heat Dust full-length.

Black Wing is the digital solo-project from Dan Barrett of Have a Nice Life. Thematically similar to Dan Barrett’s other solo project, Giles Corey, Black Wing presents a vision of mortality, isolation and despair through the catchiest depressive chill-wave album ever created.

“…Is Doomed” will be digitally and on vinyl on September 25th 2015. Limited colored and package deals will available for pre-order on July 14th 2015.


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Bosse-de-Nage “All Fours” DLP


All Fours by Bosse-de-Nage is the mysterious Bay Area act’s fourth and finest full-length. Monstrous and surreal, the album is a strange mix of black metal, noise and dark, post-modern lyrical themes. Comparisons range from ’90s post-rock like Slint to fellow post-black metal brethren Deafheaven (the two bands released a split 12-inch in 2012), but the work stands on its own as a unique creation. Recorded with Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Botanist, Wreck and Reference), All Fours is the most immediate and accessible album in the band’s discography, as well as the first to feature analog synths. The Flenser is proud to present Bosse-de-Nage’s latest full-length on deluxe, double-disc vinyl packaged with a large twelve-page booklet.

We still have colored vinyl copies of the album in The Flenser store.

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Heat Dust – Announcement

Heat Dust 12 Jacket Cover Art_CMYK_300dpi

Album available September 18th – U.S. tour with Thou/The Body in October 

Heat Dust will be releasing their debut full-length album via The Flenser on September 18th, 2015.  This LP sees the band diving headfirst into the nihilistic depths of dark post-punk.

Heat Dust features members Clayton Hunt (guitar and vocals), Shawn Tabor (bass), Christopher Stein (drums) Jasper den Hartigh (guitar and vocals). Heat Dust started as a three-piece back in 2011 by den Hartigh, Tabor and Hunt.  Then, the band added Stein to the fold, as he played alongside den Hartigh in hardcore bands Subservient Fuck and Bloody Mummers. With a lineup shift and a few releases in between, the band really got to know each other as musicians.  Guitarist/vocalist Jasper den Hartigh commented, “Our earlier releases were all written in a super short period of time. When it became time to start working on this new record, we were a lot more deliberate about our songs. We had learned how to play with each other much better, and realized where our music tastes intersected. We took a long time to write, going through endless changes in structures and riffs. We wanted to be careful and truly make the best record we could.”

Color 122

With this self-titled record, Heat Dust have perfected their sound; energetic and distorted post-punk with expressionist lyrical content that’s influenced by Joy Division, the Chameleons, Wire, Public Image Ltd, Gang of Four, and Killing Joke.

Following the release of the Heat Dust LP, the band will embark on a U.S. tour supporting Thou/The Body this October.  Keep up with Heat Dust on Facebook and Tumblr – more news coming soon.

Heat Dust S/T Track Listing:
1. Nothing Left to Lose
2. (Hopefully) Alone
3. I Warm My Hands
4. Seeking a Praxis
5. I Think About It Every Day
6. The Desire of Language
7. Anybody
8. Something for Nothing
9. Do You Think About It
10. I Allowed Myself

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Black Wing “…Is Doomed” Announcement


Pre-sale details will be released soon!

First proper full-length from this one-man electronic chillwave project featuring Dan Barrett (Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey, etc.)

Dan Barrett, the man behind Connecticut-based Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey, Enemies List and countless other projects, has announced a release date for the first proper full-length from his digital-only solo project, Black Wing. Titled …Is Doomed, this seven-song album will be available on LP and Digital formats from The Flenser on September 18th. The majority of the tracks on …Is Doomed are brand new, although the album boasts a mastered version of the widely-circulated song “My Body Betrayed Me”, which has been available on Bandcamp and made waves immediately upon upload. The Chicago Reader described the song as combining “a stark, mechanized postpunk beat, gentle shoegaze guitar hum, feathery ascending synths and Barrett’s cool, multitracked vocals into an uplifting, celestial tune that belies its heart-wrenching and bleak lyrics; even as he sings about dying Barrett manages to sound just a little bit blissful.” Watch the music video for that track, directed by Gardenback, here on the Flenser YouTube.

Barrett commented on the Black Wing project: “A while back I released a short, digital EP of me messing around with a lot of software instruments. This was after I watched Drive and enjoyed the soundtrack, and was really just me fiddling around. It got released as the ‘Drive 2 Soundtrack’ under the name ‘Dan Barrett and the Cruisers.’ I gave it away for free and promptly forgot about it. About a year later I ended up listening to it again and decided that there’s something fast and enjoyable about all digital stuff – no tuning, no strings breaking. It came at a good time (we [Have A Nice Life] were just finishing up recording songs from The Unnatural World), so I decided to jump in.” He continued, “Black Wing started as a sort of opposite to Giles Corey – whereas Giles started as ‘only acoustic instruments allowed,’ Black Wing started with ‘only digital instruments.'”

Like all of Dan’s projects, Black Wing was self-recorded, at home, but this recording process was a bit different for him. At the time, Barrett was having some health problems – the first serious health issues he’d ever had – and was “…surrounded by all sorts of machines, lots of beeps and boops and what have you. I had a heart monitor strapped to my chest for a month. I was dripping a lot of blood all over the place. It was all very undramatic and fleshly and strange. I didn’t know what to make of any of it. Meanwhile, it was a beautiful, hot summer, sun everywhere. So I decided to just go ahead and make a depressive chillwave record – basically, music to listen to in the car with the windows down while feeling slightly melancholy and distracted.” The resulting seven tracks are gloomy yet uplifting, heavy while ambient, overwhelming yet alluring; resulting in one of the most remarkable electronic releases of 2015.

Track premieres from Black Wing’s …Is Doomed will be unveiled soon. In the meantime, check out the track listing below and attached cover art by illustrator Becca Stadtlander. Also, news regarding the Giles Corey S/T re-issue this fall from The Flenser coming soon.

Black Wing, …Is Doomed Track Listing:
1. Luther
2. Black Wing
3. My Body Betrayed me
4. Unemployed
5. DSA
6. Death Sentences
7. If I Let Him In

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Mastery and Mamaleek records now shipping!


Mamaleek -Via Dolorosa LP

The fifth album from Bay Area weirdos Mamaleek, Via Dolorosa is the duo’s darkest and most experimental release, incorporating black metal, psychedelia and electronic music. It is also the first Mamaleek record featuring live drums. At once harsh, frightening and beautiful, Via Dolorosa is like an evening at the darkest jazz club as it might appear in the depths of a child’s fever dream. Though the group’s two anonymous brothers hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and their work is rife with themes of death and nihilism, musically they stand apart from the city’s most well-known black metal exports (Weakling, Leviathan, et al.). Via Dolorosa features track titles inspired by traditional slave songs and incorporates melodic, Middle Eastern aesthetics. Bask in sorrow and reflect on your pitiful existence.  “The duo—a pair of brothers who prefer to keep their identities a secret—mix Middle Eastern song structures and samples, atonal experimental and avant-garde accents, guttural black metal howls, accessible electronic breakbeats, sludgy doom metal guitar-work, nimble piano interludes, and plenty of pop panache to create an unrelenting, moving sound.” —Forbes  “Mamaleek present a strong argument for being the next California black metal export worth following in the future.” —Sputnikmusic  “This record is the best black metal I have heard in a long, long time. It’s one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time, period. An absolute must-listen.” —Dan Barrett (Have a Nice Life)


Mastery – Valis LP (red edition)

Mastery – Valis

SECOND PRESSING WITH NEW COVER ART!!! Valis is the first proper Mastery full-length and the most extreme record The Flenser has ever released. As its name and sigil demands, Mastery is a vessel to ascend the partial mind; one impulsive and chaotic, the other of collected illumination. A meditation unto the will subconscious. The solo black metal entity is the product of mastermind Ephemeral Domignostika (Pale Chalice, Pandiscordian Necrogenesis, Horn of Dagoth). Once a follower in the tradition of fellow Bay Area acts Leviathan, Crebain and Weakling, Mastery has evolved into something more. Valis is like a form of free jazz black metal—twisted and complex, with upwards of 100 riffs per song. Eschewing traditional songwriting and conceptual forms, Domignostika creates through spontaneous composition, cut ups and free performance. His extremely unique guitar style, polyrhythmic drum patterns and urgent vocal delivery bely the fact that Valis is the work of one person playing everything with the utmost intentionality. Mastery has previously released five extremely limited (and long sold out) demos since 2004, a collection on the tUMULt label in 2011 titled Barbaric Usurpation of the Hypereonic Black Metal Throne, and split albums with with Skullflower and Palace of Worms. “One can only assume that Mastery mastermind Ephemeral Domignostika is an extremely dangerous career sociopath after being subjected to this spastic sonic evisceration; either that or a deeply disturbed black metal savant.” —That’s How Kids Die “Mastery is total berzerker black metal, rooted in the tradition of true grim blackness, but filtered through Mastery’s cracked perception, transforming this into something beyond true; a droned out and damaged, outsider blackness, that sounds pretty much unlike almost any other black metal.” —Aquarius

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Kayo Dot – West Coast Tour 2015


“…the sex appeal of Type O Negative and prog’s more refined side with a spacey smoothness.” – Pitchfork

In support of last year’s “essential” (Pitchfork) release, Coffins On Io, Brooklyn’s Kayo Dot have announced a batch of West Coast tour dates in June and July. The band, led by founding member Toby Driver (also of Secret Chiefs 3), emerged in Boston, MA in 2002 from the ashes of metal group Maudlin of the Well. Since then, Driver has led Kayo Dot through several lineup changes and dramatic stylistic shifts: from traditional metal, to atmospheric, avant-garde metal; and now with Coffins on Io, the bats-in-your-belfry hard rock of Sisters of Mercy meets Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Scritti Politti and early Roxy Music.

But when it comes to Kayo Dot, change is the only constant. And like the best pop culture chameleons of the past, Kayo Dot’s evolution is governed by an inscrutable inner-logic. Despite the accessible songwriting of Coffins on Io and the emphasis on vocal melody and electronic percussion, Kayo Dot fans will find the record’s darkness and intensity familiar and relatable. For example: the dark wave of Coffins on Io album-track “Off-ramp Cycle” might be unrecognizable to Kayo Dot’s metal fans. “The sound is kind of like a sexy combination of Type O Negative, Peter Gabriel, Sisters of Mercy,” Driver says. But the track also encompasses the brooding menace of classic Bauhaus as well as current dark wavers Cold Cave and Crystal Stilts: artists young and old who live and die in those unknowable corners where heaviness meets delicacy and sincerity meets theatricality.

Elsewhere, Driver’s penchant for prog rock surfaces in the ethereal “Spirit Photography,” complete with a saxophone melody line—strikingly gentle when compared to Kayo Dot’s brutal back catalog. “Long Time Disturbance on the Miracle Mile” could be a Bryan Ferry-era Roxy Music cut, and “The Mortality of Doves” could be Eno-produced David Bowie.

See Kayo Dot on the road, playing songs from Coffins On Io, in a live setting in these fine cities:

Tour Dates:
6/25/2015 San Francisco, CA- Hemlock Tavern // 1131 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109 w/ Kowloon Walled City
6/26/2015 Los Osos, CA- Sweet Spring Saloon // 990 Los Osos Valley Rd, Los Osos, CA 93402
6/28/2015 Los Angeles, CA- Complex // 806 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205
6/30/2015 Las Vegas, NV- Bunkhouse // 124 S 11th St, Las Vegas, NV 89101
7/1/2015 Salt Lake City, UT- Kilby Court // 750 Kilby Ct, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
7/2/2015 Boise, ID- Crazy Horse // 1519 Main St, Boise, ID 83702
7/3/2015 Vancouver, BC- The Hindenburg // 23 West Cordova, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1C8 w/ Dama/Libra
7/4/2015 Seattle, WA- Highline // 210 Broadway East, Seattle, WA 98102 w/ Dama/Libra
7/5/2015 Portland, OR- Panic Room // 3100 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR 97232

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Sannhet / King Woman / Planning For Burial west coast tour


San Francisco’s Flenser Records has had a busy start to 2015 and is excited to announce its first-ever West Coast label tour featuring Sannhet (Brooklyn), King Woman (Bay Area), and Planning For Burial (New Jersey). A week of shows are confirmed for the three bands in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego and Los Angeles, respectively, and will mark the first batch of shows for Sannhet who are on tour in support of their newly released LP Revisionist. The critically-acclaimed album has received rave reviews from Pitchfork, The New York Times, and Stereogum who said the band makes music that “largely defies categorization… epic, cinematic stuff… complex instrumentation is employed in the service of soaring, breathtaking music.” Additionally, Sannhet just completed an East Coast / Midwest run supporting Liturgy and have several shows in June before the Flenser tour including appearances at Northside Festival in Brooklyn and NXNE in Toronto. Check out Sannhet’s full tour routing below.

Bay Area’s King Woman are also heading out on this Flenser tour in support of their newly unveiled, highly-praised debut Doubt EP. Released this past March, Doubt touches on some heavy topics and allows vocalist/lyricist Kristina Esfandiari’s ingenuity to really shine; with nods to issues like religious abuse, sex, metaphysics, heartbreak and more. The band wears their musical influence on their sleeve: “We love bands like Black Sabbath, OM, Neurosis and Jesu”, said Kristina, and with her lush and dramatic vocals not unlike Mazzy Star and even Beth Gibbons, King Woman has created a sound all their own. Rolling Stone called Doubt “…part gauzy Mazzy Star-esque fever dream, part lumbering Sabbathian nightmare” and Pitchfork described it “…as dreamlike as it is suffocating.” This tour will be King Woman’s second of 2015 with additional shows scattered throughout Spring and Summer.

Joining Sannhet and King Woman on the Flenser Tour is New Jersey gloom band Planning For Burial, whose brand of dark shoegaze/gloomgaze is hard to categorize but contains elements of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, drone, 90’s alt rock, 80’s goth, and black metal, while never being defined by any one of those genres. Planning For Burial released its second full-length, Desideratum, in 2014 on the Flenser, but its back catalogue boasts a myriad of EP releases on labels like Enemies List, Music Ruins Lives and more. Additionally, The Flenser will be re-issuing Planning For Burial’s debut full-length Leaving (2010) in June of this year.

See these three fantastic bands on tour together this June and July and stay tuned to for more news as it happens.


June 27 Portland, OR @ Holocene

June 28 Seattle, WA @ Barboza

June 30 San Francisco, CA @ The Chapel

July 1 Santa Ana, CA @ Constellation at Observatory

July 2 San Diego, CA @ Soda Bar

July 3 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo

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Kayo Dot // Botanist Euro Tour


Kayo Dot and Botanist are playing some European shows!

April 7th – Levontin 7, Tel Aviv, 65111, Israel (Kayo Dot only)
April 9th – Doom over Leipzig, Germany
April 11th – Roadburn , Tilburg, Netherlands
April 13th – Hafenklang, Hamburg, Germany
April 14th – Fängelset, Goteborg, Sweden
April 15th – Magnet Club, Berlin, Germany
April 16th – Vila Štvanice, Prague, Czech Republic
April 17th – Undertown, Meyrin Village, Switzerland
April 18th – Lo Fi Club, Milan, Italy
April 19th – La Zonmé, Nice, France
April 20th – Escape B, Paris, France
April 21st – The MacBeth, London, UK
April 23rd – Islington Mil, Salford, UK
April 25th – The Junction, Plymouth, UK
April 28th – Mózg Warszawa, Warsaw, Poland
April 29th – GMK, Budapest, Hungary
April 30th – Doenaufestival, Krems An Der Donau, Austria (Botanist Only)

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Mamaleek – Via Dolorosa


Bask in sorrow and reflect on your pitiful existence!

Via Dolorosa is the 5th album by dark experimental weirdos Mamaleek, the band’s second for The Flenser.  The album is the darkest, most experimental and orchestrated of Mamaleek’s albums, incorporating black metal, psychedelia, and electronic music. Via Dolorosa is the first Mamaleek record featuring live drums (along with the electronic fair) and is the band’s most organic. It sounds like a psychedelic-infused night at the darkest jazz club gone as wrong as a child’s nightmare. It is harsh, frightening, and beautiful.
Mamaleek is comprised of two anonymous brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band is musically divergent from San Francisco’s nihilistic history of black metal (Weakling, Leviathan), however the band still approach traditional black metal topics such as sorrow, death and nihilism. Like past Mamaleek releases, the track titles on Via Dolorosa are shared with traditional slave songs and music is banded together with a melodic middle-eastern aesthetic.
The band commented,  “It is at once, a solicitation and renunciation of the genres that are blended together to create something other…Traditional music turned against itself, in treasonous alliance with the barbarians at the gate whom it once hoped to keep out. May the acoustic ruin here documented compel you to turn to your lord. You may take these songs to your judgement day as a protest against the filthy oil pumping in your veins.”

Pre-order will go live on April 14th 2015 along with a number of other albums.

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Father Murphy – A Purpose.

Father Murphy’s new album Croce is out today. You can order it from the The Flenser store or download from bandcamp or iTunes.

Enjoy the surreal animated video for the track “A Purpose”

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