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For Winter…

The tracks are long, and they build slow, the guitars spidery and softly reverby, the drums tribal, eventually exploding into thick swaths of blackened doom, the guitars grinding and chugging, the drums pounding, the vocals a demonic bellow, but even once the heaviness ensues, those spidery guitar melodies keep right on, intertwining with the heavier chug and churn, transforming what would otherwise be more standard doom/sludge into something weirdly washed out and sort of pretty. Aquarius Records

For Winter Fire is shipping now. Thank you to everyone that has pre-ordered. You can purchase Seidr’s “For Winter Fire” now through the Store.

This and other Flenser Releases will be distributed to retail customers in the US through RevolverUSA

Panopticon’s “…On the Subject of Mortality” DLP is moving fast. We have a few copies of the clear version left for pre-order through the Store.

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Pre-order: Panopticon 2xLP & SEIDR “For Winter Fire” now shipping

Now in the Flenser Store:
Panopticon’s “On the Subject of Mortality” 2xLP PRESALE
Seidr’s “For Winter Fire” CD Ready to ship.


Panopticon’s “…On the Subject of Mortality”
We are now preselling copies of Panopticon’s “…On the Subject of Mortality” 2xlp.

“…On the Subject of Mortality” is a fitting follow-up to Panopticon’s (Austin Lunn) 2009 release Collapse. Whearas “Collapse” depicted the collapse of society it is like “…On the Subject of Mortality” examines what is left after “The Collapse.” Lunn presents us with a deeply personal meditation on the self and mortality held together with raw production and intensive shoegazery.

…Seeing.. by FlenserRecords

“…On the Subject of Mortality” was originally released in two halves. The material comprising “…On the Subject of Mortality” was split between CD-The Skagos/Panopticon Split CD released by The Flenser and the Panopticon/When Bitter Spring Sleeps Split CD released by Pagan Flames. Now The Flenser will be releasing this album as it was originally intended. Deluxe 2xLP mastered at 45 rpm with an insert and limited to 250 copies. We are releasing two versions:


100 copies only available through The Flenser on clear vinyl including a patch.
150 copies on black vinyl.


We should be shipping these in less than 6 weeks.
Seidr’s “For Winter Fire”
Seidr’s full length debut “For Winter Fire” is now ready to ship.

“For Winter Fire” is the doom project of Panopticon’s Austin Lunn and Wheels Within Wheels Wesley Crow. The album gotten a lot of buzz with tracks premiered on Brooklyn Vegan and Crustcake. There is plenty more to come from this band. Scroll down for audio.

“It is a rare delight to find an album that totally removes you from your surroundings and immerses you in a rich and deep universe of its own; this is precisely what Seidr have done with their debut For Winter Fire. Although the band’s roots lie in classic death/doom á la early Katatonia, they seamlessly blend an impressive host of other influences that ultimately make the band hard to peg down. Where the album truly succeeds is in its use of American folk-based aesthetics, channeling the profound sorrow of early blues and bluegrass into something entirely more vicious and crushing. For Winter Fire is paced like a glacier, giving ample time to digest its innumerable nuances. Moreover it is the rich layering that earns it the profundity to draw listeners in and get lost for the album’s hour-and-thirteen-minute running time. For those too lazy to use their imagination, Seidr’s most direct comparison is to the late great Bay Area funeral doom troop Asunder. Although there are musical similarities (funeral paced doom, somber clean vocals, acoustic instruments, etc.) where the two are most akin are in aesthetic. Similarities aside, Seidr is ultimately much more varied both musically and in terms of pace and thereby being a more attractive band to those praising musical diversity over strict aesthetic traditionalism. In the end, For Winter Fire is a monumental achievement in the genre of doom and there is no doubt in my mind that Seidr will encourage progress in the ancient art of doom metal.” D.L.



Sweltering by FlenserRecords


A Vision From Hlidskjalf by FlenserRecords


Seidr Samples by FlenserRecords


As of right now most pre-orders have shipped. If you pre-ordered the record and have not received a shipping confirmation yet you will over the weekend. Please be patient we have a lot of preorders and there is only one of me.

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Seidr layout. Cold.

Seidr’s brilliant debut can be pre-ordered right now in The Flenser store at a discounted price.

Seidr is doom made by members of Panopticon and Wheels Within Wheels.


Seidr Samples by FlenserRecords

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Seidr “For Winter Fire” Pre-Order

Seidr is a doom project out of Louisville Kentucky featuring Panopticon’s Austin Lunn and Crow from Wheels Within Wheels.

The CD of this master piece is up for pre-order now. For the first 4 days of the pre-sale the cost will be only $7.50US/$9.50 World post paid. After the first four days the pre-sale price will go up and then up again when the record is released. Please support independent music.

Please share and enjoy the following teaser which features a couple of short clips from the album.

Pre-Order Here

Seidr Samples by FlenserRecords

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Pale Chalice “Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation” CD Now Available!

01 Transplant Of Dimensional Recourse by FlenserRecords

Pale Chalice have unleashed their debut EP ‘Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation’ brandishing scathing black metal most akin to earlier work of Swedish masters Craft. Hornet’s nest guitars and thick rumbling war drums are coupled with mid-tempo, dissonant grooves that together evoke postapocalyptic madness rooted in traditional black metal ethos. The sweltering mass is coated by anguished howls still sizzling from radiation burn. Pale Chalice set themselves apart from the milieu of ever degenerating ‘black metal’ buffoons in generating forward thinking and unmistakably modern black metal that does not dishonor the roots of metal—groove and sheer power—aspects seemingly forgotten in the ongoing rape of the black metal tradition incited by the swinish multitude. To be sure, Pale Chalice do not reinvent the wheel with ‘Afflicting the Dichotomy of Trepid Creation’, but they do display 28-minutes of expertly executed and well written black bile performed with more conviction than one-hundred ‘standard black metal bands’ of today. Ultimately, Pale Chalice finds themselves among Dispirit, Necrite and Palace of Worms—stranded on the fog-soaked shores of San Francisco making real black metal. -D.L.


Order Here


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Necrite & Bosse-de-Nage SHIRTS

The Flenser has a small number of Necrite and Bosse-de-Nage shirts available for order now.

Necrite “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” shirt designed by Kevin Gan Yuen who also did the album artwork.

Sizes Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
US $17.50 postpaid
World $21.50 postpaid
Bosse-de-Nage “Hand of DOOM” shirt..

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large
US $17.50 postpaid
World $21.50 postpaid

Because of the small numbers in stock please email orders[at]

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NECRITE – “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” ON SALE NOW

After six years and five demos of anticipation San Jose black metal tyrants Necrite have finally unleashed their debut curse upon us: Sic Transit Gloria Mundi. Seamlessly fusing elements of droning doom, funeral ambience and thrashing black metal, Sic Transit Gloria Mundis is a monument in the legacy of West Coast black metal along with the likes of Weakling’s Dead as Dreams and Leviathan’s Tenth Sublevel of Suicide. Necrite have managed to craft some of the most visceral and demonic audio terror around, forgoing traditional song structure and predictability in lieu of a pure unflinching devotion to creating the aural essence of death. This debut oozes tarry black hatred from every pore, and bleeds into its own mouth perpetually; and leaves the listener with out a shadow of a doubt that it is the product of a fanatical loyalty to misanthropy, insanity, hatred and death. With Sic Transit Gloria Mundis Necrite brightly outshine the endless torrents of talentless crap flooding the airwaves and earned themselves a spot among the decaying world’s ever dwindling black metal elite. -D.L.

Order Here

You can hear the album version of the track “Bereft of Hope” here:

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New Site is Up

The new Flenser Records site is up now.

There are still changes to be made but basically we are are rolling. We had to switch servers and ran into some unexpected problems so we had a bit of email downtime. If for some reason you have send us mail in the past 24 hours and have not gotten a response please message us again..
Latest releases:

Palace of Worms “Lifting the Veil” Tape. Order here.

Skagos/Panopticon “Split” CD. Order here.

Next Release:

NECRITE “Sic Transit Gloria Mundi” CD

You can hear the track “Bereft of Hope” at Stereogum HERE.

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The Flenser Welcomes the Chalice

Pale Chalice. Soon…

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