Mamaleek – Via Dolorosa


Bask in sorrow and reflect on your pitiful existence!

Via Dolorosa is the 5th album by dark experimental weirdos Mamaleek, the band’s second for The Flenser.  The album is the darkest, most experimental and orchestrated of Mamaleek’s albums, incorporating black metal, psychedelia, and electronic music. Via Dolorosa is the first Mamaleek record featuring live drums (along with the electronic fair) and is the band’s most organic. It sounds like a psychedelic-infused night at the darkest jazz club gone as wrong as a child’s nightmare. It is harsh, frightening, and beautiful.
Mamaleek is comprised of two anonymous brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band is musically divergent from San Francisco’s nihilistic history of black metal (Weakling, Leviathan), however the band still approach traditional black metal topics such as sorrow, death and nihilism. Like past Mamaleek releases, the track titles on Via Dolorosa are shared with traditional slave songs and music is banded together with a melodic middle-eastern aesthetic.
The band commented,  “It is at once, a solicitation and renunciation of the genres that are blended together to create something other…Traditional music turned against itself, in treasonous alliance with the barbarians at the gate whom it once hoped to keep out. May the acoustic ruin here documented compel you to turn to your lord. You may take these songs to your judgement day as a protest against the filthy oil pumping in your veins.”

Pre-order will go live on April 14th 2015 along with a number of other albums.

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Father Murphy – A Purpose.

Father Murphy’s new album Croce is out today. You can order it from the The Flenser store or download from bandcamp or iTunes.

Enjoy the surreal animated video for the track “A Purpose”

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King Woman – Escape from Tomorrow

King Woman will be playing some upcoming west coast tour dates. The band has made a video mini-documentary of their last tour. Escape from Tomorrow!

King Woman “Burn” West Coast tour dates:

March 28th – The Hemlock, San Francisco, CA

March 29th – The Funk Den, Santa Rosa, CA

March 30th – The Press Club, Sacramento, CA

March 31st – Orange Street Studio, Chico, CA

April 1st – Deadbeat Records, Olympia, WA

April 2nd – The Highline, Seattle, WA

April 3rd – High Water Mark, Portland, OR

April 5th – LCM, Oakland CA

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Sannhet – Revisionist Out Today!

We are now shipping copies of Sannhet’s Revisionist. You can order now from The Flenser store.

You can download it from The Flenser bandcamp, itunes, Amazon and stream on Spotify.

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Pre-orders: Father Murphy / Bell Witch // Tour Dates: Wreck and Reference / Sannhet


Father Murphy – Croce LP/CD/CS

We are now taking advanced orders for Father Murphy’s “Croce” on vinyl, CD, and cassette.

This dark psychedelic / industrial cabaret is a religion-themed concept album entitled Croce (“Cross” in Italian), one side representing suffering and sacrifice and the flip reflecting what comes after—the end of suffering, resurrection, or perhaps oblivion. The work was recorded by John Dieterich in Albuquerque, NM, and mixed by Greg Saunier. Emerging from shadowy atmospheres, Croce often springs forth with unexpected blurts of impossibly catchy noise pop. At other times it can be richly operatic like some twisted musical that details the trials and tribulations of the crucifixion.
Pre-order now from The Flenser store.


Bell Witch – Longing DLP

Back in print! Bell Witch is a minimalist doom two-piece from Seattle comprised of Adrian Guerra and Dylan Desmond (of Samothrace fame). With only the bare minimum at their disposal, the duo’s massive, crushing soundscapes are executed with just bass, drums and dual-vocal pummel. Uniquely sorrowful, it sounds as close to Skepticism as it is to Codeine, their debut full-length Longing is an hour and ten minutes of doomed desolation, sadness and sorrow—a time-stretching journey through darkness, pain and suffering. Originally released on CD by Profound Lore Records, the album was one of the most important doom albums of 2012 and featured on numerous year-end lists. Now available on vinyl, Longing is packaged in a thick, old-style case-wrapped gatefold jacket with insert.

Shipping April 2015. Pre-order direct from The Flenser.

WR SS Spring 2015 GIF

Wreck and Reference has announced a number of US tour dates with Sacramento noise-punk weirdos So Stressed:

March 13th – Jewel’s Catch One, Los Angeles, CA w/ So Stressed, Naomi Punk, PC Worship 
March 20th – Sweet Springs Saloon, San Luis Obispo, CA w/ So Stressed 
March 21st – The Golden Bull, Oakland, CA  w/ Bosse-de-Nage, So Stressed, Beast Nest
March 22nd – Wandering Goat, Eugene, OR  w/ So Stressed
March 23rd – High Water Mark, Portland, OR
March 24th – The Highline, Seattle, WA
March 26th – Bar Deluxe, Salt Lake City, UT
March 27th – Mutiny Info Cafe, Denver, CO
March 28th – Jackpot Saloon, Lawrence, KS w/ So Stressed, Not Like Igor, Clear Views
March 29th – The Pentagon, Ames, IA
March 30th – The Burlington, Chicago, IL
March 31st – The Spot Tavern, Lafayette, IN
April 1st – Now That’s Class, Cleveland OH
April 2nd – Kung Fu Necktie, Philadelphia, PA 
April 3rd – The Alter, New Paltz, NY 


Sannhet is playing a number of dates with the newly reunited Liturgy line-up.

April 2nd – DC9, Washington, DC w/ Liturgy
April 3rd – Boot & Saddle, Philadelphia, PA w/ Liturgy
April 4th – Kings, Raleigh, NC w/ Liturgy
April 5th – The Masquerade Atlanta, GA w/ Liturgy
April 7th – Red 7, Austin, TX w/ Liturgy
April 8th – Club Dada, Dallas, TX w/ Liturgy
April 9th – Kansas City, MO w/ Liturgy
April 10th – Subterranean Chicago, IL w/ Liturgy
April 11th – Dionysus Disco Oberlin, OH w/ Liturgy

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King Woman “Doubt” now streaming on Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone is now streaming Doubt in its entirety.


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Out Now: Boduf Songs – Stench of Exist

Out now: Boduf Songs – Stench of Exist.

47 minutes of oppressive quiet. The collision of arabesque tonalities with electronic sound and ambience brings to mind the promise of Blade Runner—half-asleep at 4:00 A.M. and slightly medicated, with pyramids and flame-spewing cityscapes in downpour glowing against the fluttering eyelids in the almost-dreaming consciousness.

Order from The Flenser store.
Order from Midheaven.

Download from The Flenser, Spotify, iTunes.

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Father Murphy track

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Sannhet Track

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King Woman live dates, track


March 28th – The Hemlock, San Francisco CA w/ Creepers, Mother Room, Foie Gras
March 29th – The Funk Den, Santa Rosa, CA The Down House, Redwood
March 30th – The Press Club, Sacramento, CA w/ PREGNANT, Casey Chisholm
March 31st – Orange Street Studio, Chico, CA w/ Teeph, Ourfathers
April 1st – Deadbeat Records, Olympia, WA w/Globelamp,
April 2nd – The Highline, Seattle, WA w/Nostlagist
April 3rd – High Water Mark, Portland, OR w/ Braveyoung, Drowse, Troubled By Insects
April 5th – LCM, Oakland CA w/ Creative Adult, Creepers, Mother Room, Foie Gras

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