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Succumb – Succumb

San Francisco’s Succumb plumb the depths of modern death metal with primitive elegance, but what sets them apart from their peers is vocalist Cheri Musrasrik. The juxtaposition of death metal riffing and propulsive drums with Musrasrik’s cavernous howl and sophisticated lyrics make for a unique listening experience in today’s crowded landscape. Their self-titled debut will be released on CD, LP and digital formats by The Flenser on May 5th.

Listen to the track Survival now on Decibel and Soundcloud.

Succumb was formed in 2014 by a group of friends with diverse musical backgrounds, who share a common love for Canadian death metal, war metal, and 1990’s Napalm Death. That same year they released a demo under the name Cloak and played a handful of local shows, attracting the attention of The Flenser. The following year they were joined by Harry Cantwell (Bosse-de-Nage, ex-Slough Feg) on drums and got to work writing their self-titled debut album. Succumb was recorded by bay area luminary Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage, Botanist, Oathbreaker, etc.).

Musrasrik cites authors and poets like Yeats, Jean Genet and Emile Zola as her primary lyrical influences. Throughout Succumb she tackles themes such as human experimentation, autoerotic asphyxiation, BDSM, prostitution, opium dens and dystopias with a literary flair.

1. The Initiate
2. Destroyer II
3. Bedchambers
4. Survival
5. Seedling
6. Coal Dark Earth
7. The Flood

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Toby Driver “Madonnawhore” CD/LP and Kayo Dot “Hubardo” reissue CD/3LP pre-orders

You can now pre-order Toby Driver’s upcoming solo record “Madonnawhore” on CD and LP. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies on blue vinyl. Vinyl is shipping in late April 2017.

We are also repressing Kayo Dot’s legendary monolithic album “Hubardo” on 2CD and 3LP. The 2xCD version comes in a 6 panel jacket with a new 20 page booklet. The vinyl edition is very similar to the first pressing that was self-released by the band. Vinyl is on both blue and black vinyl. Blue vinyl is limited to 200 copies. Vinyl is expected to ship in May 2017.

Pre-order direct from The Flenser.
EU friends can order from Throatruiner.

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Trevor de Brauw – Uptown Out now

Trevor de Brauw’s first solo outing is out today on vinyl, CD, and digital formats.

Check out the album review on Pitchfork:

During Uptown, the darkest parts sometimes allow for flickers of light, though other times the darkness swallows the light whole. It is an apt soundtrack for the start of 2017, then, when signs of pending apocalypse and revolution seem to bleed into one.

Order direct: nowflensing.com
Order from Bandcamp: theflenser.bandcamp.com
Order from Midheaven: http://bit.ly/2kdyUU9
Order Europe: http://bit.ly/theFlenserEurope
iTunes: apple.co/2kdzEZr
Amazon: amzn.to/2lsp1ab
Spotify: http://bit.ly/2lsx86Q

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Toby Driver – Madonnawhore

On the heels of Kayo Dot’s 2016 album Plastic House on Base of Sky, New York City based avant-garde musician Toby Driver sustains his inexhaustible output with a solo album titled Madonnawhore. Due out April 21st from The Flenser, the album’s first single “Avignon” can be heard today on BrooklynVegan or directly on Soundcloud.

After exploring a retro-futurist noir sound on Kayo Dot’s 2014 album Coffins on Io then delving even further into electronic music with Plastic House on Base of Sky, Driver was eager to write a different kind of song. Madonnawhore represents a foray into traditional songwriting, stripped of the progressive flourishes and unpredictability of Kayo Dot. These six austere tracks were recorded as a solo effort; they are sparse and atmospheric, evoking empty spaces and the beauty sometimes inherent in death. They occupy a heretofore unexplored place in Driver’s oeuvre, further demonstrating his immeasurable talent.

Although not a concept album, Madonnawhore is united by its exploration of the “madonna-whore complex,” a psychological neurosis first identified by Sigmund Freud whereby a man feels he can only love a woman who maintains a saint-like purity, but desires to be intimate with someone he considers to be debased.

In addition to the release of Madonnawhore, on April 21st The Flenser will reissue Kayo Dot’s beloved Hubardo album on double CD / triple LP formats. Originally released in 2013, Hubardo is Kayo Dot’s 100-minute magnum opus that has been a longtime out-of-print fan favorite. Look for more details and pre-orders to be announced soon.

Madonnawhore Track List:
1. The Scarlet Whore – Her Dealings With The Initiate
2. Avignon
3. The Deepest Hole
4. Parsifal
5. Craven’s Dawn
6. Boys On The Hill

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Braveyoung – Misery and Pride

Welcome Braveyoung. Stream the new track “Wonderful” now on Tiny Mix Tapes. New album Misery and Pride out March 24th on CD/LP/Digital.

The album can be pre-ordered now.


European customers can save on shipping by pre-ordering from Throatruiner in France. Everyone else can of course order direct from The Flenser in the US through our web store or bandcamp.

Throatruiner store: http://bit.ly/theFlenserEurope

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Winter 2017 Pre-orders

Winter 2017 pre-orders are now live for:

Planning For Burial “Below The House” CD/LP
Braveyoung “Misery and Pride” CD/LP
Trevor de Brauw “Uptown” CD/LP

As well as a package deal if you want to order all titles.


European customers can save on shipping by pre-ordering from Throatruiner in France. Everyone else can of course order direct from The Flenser in the US through our web store or bandcamp.

Throatruiner store: http://bit.ly/theFlenserEurope

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Pre-orders early 2017 – Planning For Burial, Braveyoung, Trevor de Brauw

Our initial batch of releases go up for pre-order this Friday January 6, 2017 at 10am PT.

Planning For Burial “Below The House” CD/LP
Braveyoung “Misery and Pride” CD/LP
Trevor de Brauw “Uptown” CD/LP

European customers will be able to save on shipping by pre-ordering from Throatruiner in France. Everyone else can of course order direct from The Flenser in the US through our web store or Bandcamp page.


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Planning For Buiral – BELOW The House

“The mix of highly personalized doom, noise pop, and lo-fi post-metal… brings to mind the ‘90s under-the-pillow noise of Twisted Village regular Luxurious Bags and the quieter, fuzzier work of Justin Broadrick’s Jesu.” – Pitchfork

In late 2014, Planning for Burial’s Thom Wasluck left the red house in New Jersey he’d called home for the last decade to return to his childhood bedroom in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Back in the house where he grew up, Thom found himself cut off from the familiarities of the previous decade as he put himself to work in the family trade. The monotony of routine quickly set in; work, home, and alcohol day after day became the norm. The childhood room that had given birth to his primordial four-track recordings was now a place of emptiness. These conditions set the stage for Planning For Burial’s third full-length, Below the House (of which the first single “Whiskey and Wine” is streaming here).

In terms of genre, Planning for Burial is often simply characterized as “gloom,” which can be seen as blend of slowcore, shoegaze, doom, 90s alt rock and drone, and Below the House offers nine sullen and frequently heavy songs that brim with nostalgia and suburban ennui. It is a return to form of sorts to Planning for Burial’s beloved first album, 2010’s Leaving– an introverted work characterized by its heavy dynamics and personal obsessions. Likewise Below the House is a work that feels just as private, as it was created in the dark and not expressed in Wasluck’s day to day life.

Since the beginning, Planning for Burial has been a solo endeavor. Thom has been recording music himself and touring extensively as one-man band, playing hundreds of shows in DIY spaces and nightclubs, where he has shared the stage with acts like Deafheaven, King Woman and Chelsea Wolfe. Both incredibly loud and intimate, Planning for Burial plays with an unrivaled passion and funereal grace that is equally at home in basements and large venues.

Planning For Burial will play a handful of shows on the East Coast this month and Below the House will be available on vinyl, CD and digital formats on March 10th, 2017 from The Flenser. Pre-orders to launch soon.

Below the House Track Listing:
1. Whiskey and Wine
2. Threadbare
3. Somewhere In The Evening
4. Warmth of You
5. Past Lives
6. (something)
7. Dull Knife pt. I
8. Dull Knife pt. II
9. Below the House

Planning For Burial live performances:
January 3 Allentown, PA @ Union Haus
January 27 Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA
March 25 Brooklyn, NY @ St. Vitus Bar

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Goodbye 2016

The Flenser’s 25% off year end sale is going on now.
Use code GOODBYE for 25% off all purchases from The Flenser store and The Flenser Bandcamp. Good through the end of 2016.
Goodbye 2016.


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Trevor de Brauw – Uptown


Chicago-based guitarist Trevor Shelley de Brauw (Pelican, RLYR) has announced the release of his first solo album – a collection of power-ambient compositions – entitled Uptown. Due out February 10th, 2017 on San Francisco’s acclaimed experimental label The Flenser, Uptown is a stream of consciousness sustained for too long, an aural pendulum swinging between poles of murky distress and cathartic resolve that takes shape somewhere in the hazy valleys between rock, ambient and experimental music. Listen to the album’s first single, “They Keep Bowing,” today via FACT Magazine or directly on Soundcloud.

Trevor Shelley de Brauw’s 20 year musical career has manifested as an exploration of the vast sonic possibilities of the guitar. Uptown marks a departure from the riff-oriented song writing of Pelican, taking a plaintive approach that unravels the meditative depth of washed-out riffs, deconstructed drones, and carefully controlled feedback. The album delves into complex dimensions of deeply layered textures: an evocation of haunting melodicism that shares more common ground with Brian Eno’s ambient work and drone wizards Barn Owl than it does a metal record. Written and recorded over the span of nearly a decade, Uptown represents a scrapbook from a formative era in de Brauw’s life, bookended by a stint on a remote tobacco farm in North Carolina and his return to the anxiety-ridden urban eccentricities of Chicago’s historic Uptown neighborhood.

Uptown is due for release on Feb 10th, 2017 from The Flenser. Stay tuned for more songs to premiere and pre-order info.

Uptown track listing:
1. A New Architecture
2. Distinct Frequency
3. They Keep Bowing
4. You Were Sure
5. Turn Up For What
6. From The Black Soil Poetry and Song Sprang

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